ZEPHYRA – Metal band from Sweden.

With Åsa´s distinctive and wide ranged vocals,

and with the roots in thrash and melodic deathmetal,

Zephyra provides a fresh sound in the metal genre.



ZEPHYRA – Metal band from Borås, Sweden.

With Åsa´s distinct and wide range vocals,

Zephyra provides a wide sound in the metal genre,

with the roots in thrash and melodic death metal.


Since the official start back in 2011, the band has released two full length albums,

played shows around Sweden (Metaltown, Vicious Rock Festival, Skrik & Panik Fest amongst others) and Europe, done live shows on the radio, and frequently been aired on international radio shows.

Zephyra has supported both The Agonist and The Raven Age on live shows.


The debut album, “Mental Absolution”, was released on Wormholedeath Records in 2014.

The second full length album; ‘As The World Collapses’, was recorded in the last quarter of 2015,

and mixed/mastered by Christian Donaldson at The Grid (Montreal, Canada).

‘As The World Collapses’ was released through Inverse Records on August 5, 2016.

With the new album, Zephyra got to show a bigger and more atmospheric sound than before,

heavy and rhythmic, with keyboards and Åsas full ranged, diverse vocals.


In September 2017, a new single, ‘The Darkest Black‘, was released via Inverse Records and it builds a bridge between their second album, the critically acclaimed “As the World Collapses,” and the progress of writing and recording a third one. Once again the band worked with Micke Andersson at MRG Studios (Borås) for recording and producing, and with Christian Donaldson at The Grid (Montreal) for the mix and master works; a superb team as showcased on the last album.


The third full length album; 'FALL. RISE. CONQUER.' was released on April 17.

The first leg of our ’The Conquer Tour’ started on March 1.


Zephyra brings a professional, energetic attitude on stage, and always deliver a 200% show. When it comes to bringing the fans a great show, there´s just one way to do it: To the max!



"This album has no weak points. However, the biggest hit of the album is the "Paper Crown", with the excellent melody line by Asa and the dramatic backing vocals and madly frantic refrains. This strange romantic song really has no mistake."

- Hard Music Base

"There is so much to discover on this excellent varied album, so much to get your teeth into and enjoy. Yep ZEPHYRA have pulled the goods out the bag once again. They are going on tour shortly, if you get the chance go and see them you won't be disappointed. And get this album it is a must for any metal collection. A MASSIVE ...10/10"

-Black Phoenix Rising Metal Forum


"Albumet är genomtänkt och har ett bra flow. Zephyra har hittat en stil som passar dem som hand i handske och sista låten Man Chooses, Slaves Obey lämnar mig med mersmak. Jag ser fram emot att få höra dem live, jag kan bara tänka mig hur jäkla bra det kommer vara."

-The Maloik Rock Blog


”Overall – ‘Fall, Rise, Conquer’ does just what its title says. It’s an astonishingly adept and beautiful album, filled with the audio equivalent of a visual light show, of conceptual brilliance and outstanding artistry. If this is the future of metal, then it’s heading in the right direction. Spectacular.”
-Rock Queen Reviews


”The band returns with this album that will make you ask and shout for more melodic death metal, a very mature and well done death metal melodic! It has a brutal and crushing start and a powerful ending that will knock your ears!”



"Zephyra is knocking on the door of the big names in the death metal scene with this album. There is certainly room for improvement, but the evidence is that the band can make something breathtaking. Thank you Zephyra"


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