Types Of Metal Music

Rock Concert

Rock is a beloved music genre that gained popularity in Europe in the early 80s. Metal bands from Sweden grew fast and were heavily influenced by punk rock. Sweden became a hotbed for rock music and some of the most successful metal bands in the world were from there.

Types Of Metal Music

Most people consider metal music to be loud and extreme with no structure. There are different types with different tones, beat styles and production methods. One such branch is alternative metal which stems its roots from heavy metal and alternative rock. Bands of alternative metal are characterised by unconventional sounds and melodic vocals.

Black metal is another subgenre that is categorised by guitars that are distorted and shrieked vocals. This gave birth to bands such as Venom and Bathory. The latter was a pivotal influence in the extreme metal scene in Sweden. Other notable bands include Immortal and Mayhem which were from Norway.

Swedish Metal Bands

Different types of metal music gave birth to famous Swedish bands. In1989, Opeth was formed. The band was very diverse when it came to how they mixed their styles of music. Candlemass are among the pioneers of doom metal which was a subgenre that debuted in 1983. The band had many popular songs in their portfolio and were loved by fans all over the world.