Zephyra Music

Rock music comes in various genres, with some of the most emotion-evoking tunes falling under the heavy metal genre. In case you’re on the lookout for some thrash metal bands to pique your interest, then Zephyra music is where you should set your sights. Zephyra is a Swedish-based band classified in the thrash metal genre, thanks to their three albums. The band came together in 2009, releasing Behave, their first demo of thrash metal songs, in 2010. As of 2019 when their most recent album, Fall.Rise.Conquer was released, this female-led band had already released more than 40 tracks.

Zephyra’s Melodic Death Metal Music Roots

The demo Behave contained six tracks, one of which was a refreshing cover to Rihanna’s song, Russian Roulette. From there, the band released their first EP titled First Blood in 2012. Among the five tracks within it was a live acoustic version of the song, ‘Are You Really Blessed’. The following year, ‘Kämpaglöd’, the band’s second EP was released, featuring six thrash metal songs. With Zephyra’s rising status in the industry, the group managed to earn a lucrative recording deal with Italy’s WormHoleDeath Records in 2014. This was the label behind the release of Mental Absolution, the first official album for the band, which included hits like Mandatory Meltdown, Emotional Surgery, and Atychiphobia.

Zephyra then changed record labels in 2015 and went with Inverse Records, a company based in Finland. This was the label behind the band’s second album, ‘As the World Collapses, ‘ which was released in August of 2016. A new music video released for the track’ Words Of A Demagogue’ succeeded in boosting the album’s launch. Signing to a different label was also meant to help Zephyra music create a more memorable sound for themselves. After all, lasting fan recognition in a world of well-known thrash metal bands could only come from having a unique sound. Thanks to Inverse Records, the band achieved this through the inclusion of piano sounds and synthesizers that enhanced the audio quality of ‘As the World Collapses’ tracklist.

Zephyra Music – Fall.Rise.Conquer Album Review

After the second album, fans had to wait more than two years for the release of Zephyra’s third album, Fall.Rise.Conquer. However, it was certainly worth the wait. The album, featuring ten tracks, was released through Kingart Music Management in April 2019. It comes with one cover song, Nothing Else Matters, and nine original tracks, including Fånge i Frihet and Dreams Denied.

In true Zephyra music style, this album switches things up from the previous album with the inclusion of drum beats that perfectly complement powerful guitar riffs and a wide range of piano keys. Once heard—not to be forgotten, Åsa’s gritty vocals add a striking finishing touch to each track that can only be likened to the appeal of a blooming zephyra elegans flower. Each track has a different tone, tempo, growl, and pitch that guarantees every song rings true to the message within. However, even with these alterations, the band still manages to maintain their signature tune.

A Sad Farewell To The Band

Sadly on December 8th, 2019, Zephyra wrote on their official Facebook page that they were at ‘the end of the road’. They thanked their fans and stated that running out of energy was the reason for the decision. The members all have full-time jobs as well as the band, and it was becoming too much. The band played a final pre-booked gig on December 28th at Briggen for ÖHK, Öregrunds Hårdrocksklubb. Along with thanking their ‘fellow campers’ aka fans for their support they also mentioned it might not be forever, so keep hoping campers!