Candlemass: Why We Absolutely Love Them!

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A metal band performing on stage

Coming in at the top of most metal charts is Sweden’s Candlemass. The metal band was first established in 1984 by bandleader and songwriter Leif Edling and Matz Ekström in Stockholm. This iconic band reintroduces Black Sabbath’s lumbering power chords to a new generation of metalheads. Through several breakups and makeups, Candlemass is fast approaching the title kings of Swedish metal starting with their all-inspiring 1986 debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.”

The LP almost single-handedly rewrote the handbook of modern metal movement. Candlemass then recorded four more influential albums before calling it quits in 1994. Three years later, they reunited to release “Dactylis Glomerata” but ceased operations shortly after.

A Second Reunion for Keeps

November 2004 was a momentous month as the band announced its reunion for the second time. We all rejoiced when all five members from their 1986 to 1990 lineup came together. They were Mats, Leif Edling, lead guitarist Lars Johansson, drums and percussion Jan Lindh, and lead vocals Messiah Marcolin. It took a fast ten days to record their Candlemass reunion album.

The album also won a Swedish Grammy. Lead vocalist Messiah left the group to make way for Robert Lowe who made his debut in the 2007 “King of Grey Islands.” The vocalist also appeared in “Death Magic Doom” in 2009 before leaving in 2012. Mats Leven eventually took over the mike to lead the Candlemass through “Psalms for the Dead.” Their “Astrolus” album cut that features Tony Lommi was nominated for a Grammy for the Best Metal Performance.

Epic Albums from Candlemass

The second reunion put Candlemass in an excellent position to produce several acclaimed albums that have changed Swedish metal for the better, including:

  • Candlemass in 2005
  • Psalms for the Dead in 2012
  • Door to Doom in 2019

The Candlemass Musical Formula

Everything that makes Candlemass one of the best metal bands in the world is present in their self-titled album. You will enjoy the massive riffs from Edling and Lars Johansson, the beat by Jan Lindh, and Marcolin’s phenomenal voice. Listening to Marcolin is a reminder of how rare it is to find a singer of that calibre in contemporary metal.

If you have been following metal reunion albums, it’s easy to notice that they sound much better than those coming from other music genres. Candlemass is a reminder that metal is ageless. This genre is all about musical proficiency and attitude, and as the years pass, many artists will still sound as strong as they did 20 years before.