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When you first hear the word Zephyra pronunciation ZEHF-ih-R-aa, what would come to mind? The fabulous retired Swedish metal band of the same name or the equally remarkable Zephyra flowers natives of Chile. Or even Zephyra Belgium, a radiological physics business? Probably the first if we were to hazard a guess!

Well, this site is to celebrate all things Zephyra so we will look not only at the band and their music but also about the tough, but lovely ‘Desert Snowball’, zephyra elegans that changes the face of the Chilean desert region when it blooms. Plus, the business in Brussels with the same name! If you were wondering what the name’s meaning is? Well, according to our research, Zephyra means “strong winds” and is of Greek origin and chosen mainly for baby girls.

Do not be mislead that this is the same as ‘Zephyr’ that is a multi-purpose name for a host of things from a Greek God to a graffiti artist to a type of car! Zephyra is much more select as you will discover as you peruse our informative site.

The Thrash Metal Group

A distinctive melodic thrash metal sound has epitomised the Zephyra sound, both at live shows and on their first two albums. Their third was different, but more on that in a minute. The group formed in 2011 and quickly released two EP’s, the first in 2012 was “Mental Absolution”. The second in 2013 was “Kämpaglöd”.

The band consisted of,

Åsa Netterbrant – Frontwoman of the band, a singer whose distinctive voice is both growling and seductive.

Tony Netterbrant – Guitar & original drummer for the group.

Alfonso Rinaldo – Bass

Kujtim Gashi – Drums

The band produced three Albums that contains a range of songs. The first two much more melodic Thrash Metal but the last album “Fall. Rise. Conquer.” is different, not one track sounds the same. Read more on zephyra music to discover how it is different.

Mental Absolution Tracks – 12

  1. Imprisoned Queen
  2. Forced Family
  3. Not Without My Scars
  4. Lies and Deceit
  5. Emotional Surgery

Kämpaglöd Tracks – 6

  1. Route 611
  2. Forced Family
  3. Pessimist
  4. Release My Anger

Rise.Conquer.Tracks – 10

  1. Dreams Denied
  2. Fånge i Frihet
  3. Waiting For Nothing
  4. Nothing Else Matters
  5. Paper Crown

The Plant

The zephyra elegans is a member of the Tecophilaeaceae family of which there are several genera of the flower. The flowers range in colour from pure white, hence the nickname, to white with a delicate sky-blue petal. The plant is a perennial that flowers along the Chilean coastline. The fog, sun, and rain environment suit its growth, as it takes its water through saturation. The Desert Snowball does not appreciate direct sunlight or frost.

The Business

While we are not going to explore this business in-depth, as we are talking about Zephyra, it does need a mention. The company is based in Belgium, formed by medical physicists in March 2008, focusing on radiology. The goal was to help the radiological community in search of improving its dosimetry practices. The company’s primary interest is in protecting patients and staff in any area where radiology and radio-guided interventions occur.

Zephyra Blog

The blog posts on this site are about looking more in-depth about the name Zephyra and all the other areas we have mentioned here. Some serious reviews on the music of Zephyra, plus some tongue in cheek information! Please let us know if you come across the term and in what context.