“Sweden’s Zephyra is back with new metal single that is going to make you scream for more music!”


"The future looks promising for Zephyra based on this record – especially for those who love powerful grooves in the modern metal context.”


"The group Zephyra is not afraid to mix and match seemingly odd elements.

And with great effect!”



“10/10. On this album it can be heard that the melodic

sound on the album is very well harmonized,

aslo integrated phenomenally with industrial metal sound, making this album a melodic metal masterpiece."


“5/5. Brilliant album, great riffs, excellent vocals”


“9/10. In addition to the perfectly matched combination of pure and extreme vocals, melodies are perfectly matched.”

“Each song has a tendency to get stuck inside of your head and before you know it

you are singing along and headbanging until your head falls off of your shoulders.”

– Cadavergarden

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ZEPHYRA – Metal band from Borås, Sweden. With Åsa´s distinctive female vocals, Zephyra provides a wide sound in the metal genre,

with the roots in thrash and melodic deathmetal.