”10/10. Overall – ‘Fall, Rise, Conquer’ does just what its title says. It’s an astonishingly adept and beautiful album, filled with the audio equivalent of a visual light show, of conceptual brilliance and outstanding artistry. If this is the future of metal, then it’s heading in the right direction. Spectacular.”


”10/10. There is so much to discover on this excellent varied album, so much to get your teeth into and enjoy. Yep ZEPHYRA have pulled the goods out the bag once again.”


”90/100. The band returns with this album that will make you ask and shout for more melodic death metal, a very mature and well done death metal melodic! It has a brutal and crushing start and a powerful ending that will knock your ears!”


"The tracks are really well-composed and mixing. There is amazing mixture of sounds! Powerful guitar riffs with tuned headbanging mood"




”They put their own spin on the classic sound. Nowhere is this more evident than in their cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters.” The symphonic elements and chugging guitars give this classic a modern touch.

Covering Metallica can be suicide if not executed right. However, the fact that they tackle this and nail it speaks to the fearlessness they possess. No titan is too big for Zephyra to take on, and they hold their own among giants.”


“10/10. On this album it can be heard that the melodic

sound on the album is very well harmonized,

aslo integrated phenomenally with industrial metal sound, making this album a melodic metal masterpiece."


“5/5. Brilliant album, great riffs, excellent vocals”


“9/10. In addition to the perfectly matched combination of pure and extreme vocals, melodies are perfectly matched.”


ZEPHYRA – Metal band from Sweden.

With Åsa´s distinctive vocals, Zephyra provides a wide sound in the metal genre,

with the roots in thrash and melodic deathmetal.


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