Which Albums Contain the Best Swedish Death Metal Songs?

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Sweden has always been death metal’s hotbed, responsible for launching the careers of some of the most prolific artists in this genre over several decades. They include metal bands from Sweden such as Candlemass, Zephyra, and Evergrey. There are so many albums from so many amazing bands to choose from that it was difficult for us to compile this top list. With apologies to those that do not appear, here are some albums containing Swedish death metal songs that fans will never forget.

The Awakening and The Left Hand Path

The Awakening from Merciless provides the best possible combination of death metal’s intensity and ferocity. As we listen to the album, we get a sense that the band wants to play faster and better than they are capable of. There is a sense of trying so hard that is reminiscent of nineties death metal. The fierce vocals and powerful songs in this album are a major inspiration for upcoming Swedish death metal bands.

Entombed’s Left Hand Path album is a classic for defining the Stockholm death metal scene in 1990. Everybody wanted the sound – and some still do. It was brutal and dirty, showing there is more driving the band than just a wish to create incredible music. The song “Drowned” from the album is played on Grand Theft Auto IV’s Liberty City Hardcore radio station.

The Astral Sleep

Clouds has always been one of our all-time favourite songs. Many knew the lyrics by heart since their high-school days, including each drum-beat and note! However, The Astral Sleep, from Tiamat, is an obvious choice for a timeless death metal album. Swedish death metal songs such as “Dead Boys Choir” and “The Southernmost Voyage” introduce you to atmospheric excellence. The melody in the middle of the “Ancient Entity” song still makes one’s skin crawl!